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Site Education

Created a comprehensive onboarding experience for clinical trial site coordinators to process referrals from an external recruitment channel, 23andMe.
Content Designer
23andMe Referral Service Intro.png
23andMe became a recruitment vendor for clinical trials,
transferring contact information from consenting customers to trial site coordinators

the challenge

Clinical research coordinators typically handle recruitment for their trials through their own channels or with the assistance of contract research organizations that have established referral processes

the goal

Educate and empower coordinators to adopt 23andMe's referral model and platform into their established recruitment ecosystem

the audience

Clinical research coordinators (CRCs)

the solution

Designed and refined fluid onboarding process:
Gold Wave.png
Created high level service overview reference packet and presentation
Provided step-by-step platform walkthrough in live webinar with reference guide
UX Feedback.png
User feedback
Implemented revisions to final materials following an initial user experience assessment


Provided a comprehensive reference guide that contextualizes referral transfer service.
Presented clinical trial recruitment services to CRCs in a conversational tone.


Hosted live platform walkthroughs and shared detailed instructions.

the conclusion

After speaking with many clinical research coordinators throughout the development process of this project, their top priority in a referral transfer platform was clear: simplicity.
With this in mind, all materials were developed to convey process information in concise, digestible chunks, reducing the burden of learning a new platform as much as possible. In addition, responses to these materials further clarified ways to improve UX in the platform. 
Revised referral transfer platform following multiple rounds of user experience feedback.
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