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Research Conferences

Provided a warm, branded welcome to scientific community for 23andMe Research's 2019 conferences.
Graphic Designer
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23andMe sought to increase trust and credibility among research conference attendees

the challenge

Brand awareness of 23andMe was at around 60% in the general population in 2019 but the knowledge of 23andMe's Research program was much lower, even in scientific audiences

the goal

Leverage the power of 23andMe's colorful consumer brand to increase awareness of Research program

the audience

Scientists in industry and academia

the solution

Created logos, programs, and swag for two conferences, Future of Phenotyping and Genome Research Day.
23andme logo white.png
Marked the conference as a distinct and identifiable event
Gold Journal.png
Created visually appealing guide for conference schedule
Continued the conversation amongst scientists beyond the event


FoP Logo.png
Genome Research Day Logo.png
Rooted both conferences in 23andMe's consumer brand to create a lasting impression.


Designed programs to keep the conference engaging while maintaining brand spirit.


fop mockup transparent.png

the conclusion

Following an experience survey sent to all conference attendees, both conferences scored higher on metrics of engagement and understanding of 23andMe's Research program than conferences in the previous year, marking a huge win for the team.
Encouraged future brand engagement through take-home stickers, portable chargers, and tote bags
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