Our Equipment

If you consider yourself a gearhead or have a curiosity about the equipment you'll have access to, take a peek below:


We have a big string family: violin, viola, cello, Taylor acoustic electric guitar, three electric guitars (a left and right-handed Fender Jaguar* and Washburn), ukulele, and banjo. We have two woodwinds (flute and oboe*), a 5 piece Tama acoustic drum kit, and a Yamaha Clavinova piano, which also serves as a MIDI keyboard. Next on our wishlist is an electric bass!

Guitar Gear

It's an electric dream with our Fender Deluxe amp and beloved pedal board. Our signal chain includes Cry Baby Wah, four distortion pedals (Ibanez Tube Screamer, Boss BD-2 and DS-1, and the classic Big Muff),  Boss GE-7 EQ,  MXR analog chorus, MXR phase 90, Boss RV-6 reverb, Boss DD-7 delay, and Boss RC5 Loop Station. We also have all the accessories (capos, picks, etc.) you need for a seamless session.

DJ Booth

Whether you practice with headphones or open the double doors to perform for the backyard, our DDJ-SB3 controller is a great place for beginning DJs to experiment and grow. With Serato DJ Pro, you have access to all of Soundcloud as your music library. We also have a rig configured for livestream performances.


For your digital audio workstation (DAW), choose between recording-friendly Logic Pro X or electronic staple Ableton Live 11 Suite. If you're pulled to Ableton, you can also use our Push 2.


You can choose between three dynamic mics (Shure SM-57, Sennheiser e 906, Electro-Voice RE20) and six condenser mics (Warm Audio WA-67*, AKG C214, AKG P420, AKG P170, Rode M5 Matched Pair). Don't know which is right for your voice or instrument? Don't worry! I'll help you figure it out. We can also set up multiple mics so you have sonic options.

Analog Gear

Experience a bit of what made the 70's so groovy with analog gear that adds color and vibe to your recordings. Three channel strips (two dbx 286s pre-amps and Warm Audio WA-73 EQ) and the Warm Audio WA-2A tube optical compressor work to shape your sound inside our Focusrite Scarlett 18i20. You can also easily adjust your signal path with our XLR and TRS patch bays. If you're new to analog gear, I'll walk you through how it works.


To list all of our plug-ins would be onerous, but trust that you have your pick of all the industry standouts for synths (Serum, Diva), vocal processing (Nectar, Melodyne), general audio processing (RX7, Ozone 9), creative effects (Portal, Soundtoys bundle), and mixing (FabFilter suite, Waves Gold).

* This equipment is particularly valuable and must be specifically reserved in the way spaces are. Upon first reservation, you'll receive a training on how to properly handle the equipment. Additional (small) session rental fees may apply.

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