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23andMe Insights

Developed a new B2B product offering for 23andMe, the leading personal genetics company.
Product Designer
TPD mockup.png
As the largest source of genotypic and phenotypic data in the world, 23andMe is uniquely positioned to shed light on patient insights
for those planning new clinical trials

the challenge

When developing protocols for clinical trials, it is difficult to assess information about potential patients, such as:

  • Demographics

  • Geographic locations

  • Disease severity and comorbidities

the goal

Design a scalable and customizable customer insights dashboard to inform the planning of clinical trials

the audience

Pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations scoping out new trials

the solution

Created two prototypes:
Dashboard Icon.png
Cohort Creator 
Initial form built to filter 23andMe customer database by key cohort segments
Insights Dashboard
Visually compelling and flexible dashboard to display cohort insights
Dashboard icons.png

Cohort Creator

Created dynamic form to
capture key search parameters.
Customer Locations
Location Search.png
Disease Conditions
Disease Dropdown.png
Genetic Variants
Variant Dropdown.png

Insights Dashboard

TPD mockup.png
Designed customizable customer insights dashboard that displays key metrics at a glance.
Dynamically adjust parameters and distributions of:
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Disease conditions
  • Genetic variants
  • Proximity to target locations (trial sites)
  • Profile features
Ethnicity Hover .png
Market Insights.png
Age and Sex.png
Participant Maps.png
Participant Maps Copy.png
Created Cohort Explorer concept to allow dashboard users to search 23andMe research questions for custom cohort-relevant insights
Cohort Explorer.png
Cohort explorer example 2.png

the conclusion

The 23andMe Insights platform solves for a key challenge in the clinical trial planning space: trial feasibility.
By creating a platform that easily toggles between cohort demographics and draws from the largest patient insights data source in the world, those planning clinical trials can quickly get a visual pulse on the best way to structure a trial protocol.
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