Our Model

Wherever you are in your recording journey, I'll meet you there. Together we'll define your goals, milestones, and an action plan to get you where you want to be. You'll be a part of a small cohort of like-minded musicians with whom you'll share spaces, resources, and growth opportunities. 

The following benefits are included in your monthly membership:

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Open Access

We have two formal studio spaces for our recording artists: the Control Room and the Release Room. The rest of the house is open to you as well. Whether you're rehearsing with your band in the living room or songwriting in the backyard, you can reserve time in six distinct spaces across the house. Learn more about our space here.


Switterbeat Collective exists to help its members make progress on what matters most to them.  Once a month, we'll offer a workshop on priority topics submitted by cohort members. New members will have access to the archive of workshops, as well.

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Label Support

For new recording artists, we're able to provide the support that labels traditionally offer when it comes to distribution and promotion through subscriptions to Distrokid and Linkfire. This means you'll save money and time when you're ready to release your music.

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With our current set up, it would take roughly 10 years of membership fees to invest in the range of equipment you'll have access to in our studio spaces. A portion of your fee is allocated to expand our offerings, too. You'll be invited to contribute to the wish list so you get a say in how we grow! Check out our equipment here.

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About once a quarter, Switterbeat Collective will host an outdoor concert in our backyard. This option gives you an opportunity to get comfortable performing  for audiences and to support the other musicians in your cohort. 

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Park your car in our garage, settle into your production session with a cup of tea, and then later take a break to play Mario Kart. We also just happen to house the cutest dog in the world. If there's anything you need to make your home away from home studio feel more comfortable, let me know and I'll make it happen. 

Beyond the Membership

While all of the above is included in the flat fee, the following additional offerings are available at a sliding scale hourly rate. You can choose to pay as you go or at the end of the month with your invoice. Your first month of the membership includes four complimentary hours that can be applied to any category below:

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Need someone to help you run your sessions? We can set you up, monitor your levels, and help you get the best possible recordings.

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We offer lessons in piano, guitar, DJing, production, mixing, mastering, and music theory.

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Navigating the artist path is long and challenging. I've been there. If you're looking for support through a monthly check-in, I can help walk you through the steps you need to take to grow your career.

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If you're more into the writing and performance side of things, we can pick up your project post your recording sessions.

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Session Performance

If you'd like to add guitar, keys, or a vocal line to your track, we have you covered.

Your Call

Looking for other kinds of support? Just ask! Chances are we can match you with someone who has experience in what you're trying to learn more about.

Cost of Membership

We offer two kinds of membership: Community and Recording Artist. You are free to switch between tiers at any time, dependent on the needs of your project and there are no contract length terms so you can stay for as long as you like!


For our initial cohort members, we are offering 33% off our future membership cost, which carries through your first year of membership. If you're curious to learn more about the cost, I encourage you to read this page about accessibility. If Switterbeat Collective sounds like a great fit for you, I'm so excited and I can't wait to meet you! 




For community members who do not need access to studio time and recording equipment, the monthly membership fee is $99 and includes:

  • Open Space Access

  • Standard Equipment Access

  • Monthly Workshops

  • Quarterly Performances

  • Amenities


Recording Artist

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For those actively looking to book studio time for a recording project, the monthly membership fee is $299 (plus $99/mo per additional bandmate) and includes: 

  • Open Space Access

  • Studio Time Access

  • Recording Equipment Access

  • Label Support

  • Monthly Workshops

  • Quarterly Performances

  • Amenities

By submitting an application, you are asserting that you are over 21 years old and have been vaccinated for Covid-19.