This is our home.

I welcome you in with respect and trust. If you feel as safe here as I do, stay and create!

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Control Room

In the hub of the studio, logic and order rules.

Be the designer of your own workflow for creative abandon. Whether you're more drawn to analog or digital methods of production (or would rather someone else handle the engineering entirely!),  you're covered.

Release Room

At the heart of the studio, you can let it all go.

Spend some quality time alone with your guitar or perform that one authentic take that changes everything. This is your room to practice, grow, and vibe.

Living Room

Bring the band or take a break.

With an acoustic drum kit and flexible seating arrangement, our living room is a great band rehearsal space. You also have your pick of board, card, and video games for that much deserved down time.

DJ Booth

Practice with headphones or party with speakers.

Our dining room serves double time as a DJ set up that is also rigged for livestream performances. Feeling confident in your skills? Invite your friends over for a private set in the backyard.


Look no further for natural inspiration.

With our cozy outdoor porch, you'll never want for aesthetics while you're making music. We have quarterly performances in the beautiful backyard. Feeling bold? You can even perform on the roof of the garage for a street audience.