This is my story.

Clay Slang

Hi, my name is Clay Slang (he/him) and I am a queer and trans upcoming artist. While I've always been a musician, songwriting, recording, producing and marketing music were all a mystery to me two years ago. Today, I've written a full length album and I'm in the process of recording it!


In 2019, I was desperately trying to "find my purpose." I came closest to that feeling at a music festival – the interconnectedness of the performers, the audience, the production, the music. I began to research and understand the artist path. From honing performance and writing abilities, to finding a producer and studio to record, before creating a digestible package that needed to be strategically promoted in order to not disappear into the Spotify ether... I was completely overwhelmed.

I soon realized – it wasn't enough for me to enjoy making music. Without the money to outsource everything, I committed to developing the skills needed to close the gap between an idea and a released song. 

When I was laid off at the beginning of the pandemic, this pursuit became my full time calling. I went into a cocoon for about two years, investing completely into building a studio, learning songwriting, singing, guitar, music production, recording techniques, and marketing.

Enter Switterbeat Collective.

Having seen firsthand all of the hurdles on the artist path, I learned how challenging it is for someone without studio experience, industry know-how, or wealth to build a career from dream to reality. I began to imagine a community where artists and bands could freely share skills, expertise, and equipment, massively cutting down on the expenses and guesswork of the first few years of their music careers.

My dream is to create a space that is safe, supportive and healing. Somewhere that rejects the "hustle and grind" culture that idolizes a sacrifice to sell out pipeline. A place where you can love every step along the long journey to becoming a well-rounded and self-sufficient musician alongside a cohort of like-minded people.

Going on this journey alone is bittersweet. I believe that flipping the script, doing it with community, and feeling supported in the process makes all the difference.