Green acoustic guitar

welcome to your chosen family studio

Switterbeat Collective exists to increase the accessibility of writing, recording, producing and releasing music.

Traditional recording studios charge musicians an arm and a leg for their premier equipment and experience.

The result? Many musicians who can't afford exorbitant studio fees are gatekept from recording.

We are building a community of like-minded musicians:


  • who invest in long term development of the skills they need to grow their careers

  • who prioritize creative process over perfection

  • who provide each other mutual support in achieving a vision

Do you spot yourself?


I am an independent artist or songwriter looking to record music.


I am looking for a community of musicians in Los Angeles.


I'm seeking mentorship as I get my band or artist project off the ground.


I am new to recording and producing music and want to learn more.


I need a place to musically experiment without time constraints.


I identify with or actively support the LGBTQ+ community.